Van Bael Lab
Interested in our other work?  Interested in collaborating or working in our lab?  Check out the main Van Bael lab page.

Endophytes and Leaf Traits
 A blog about another one of our projects, examining the relationship between endophytes and leaf traits in tropical forests.

The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative.  The main funding source for this project and many others.  Check out their web page to read about all the great research they’re supporting!

Dispatches From the Gulf
A GoMRI documentary.

Tulane-Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research
A collaborator and an institution that generates a lot of interesting research, particularly in the New Orleans area.

Our Collaborators:

The Blum lab at Tulane University
The Gunsch Lab at Duke University
The Pardue Lab at LSU
The Papadopoulos Lab at Tulane University
Lisa Fauci at Tulane University